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She’s Doing WHAT??!!


The journalist in me has to set the record straight on a few things.

I have to say first how great it made me feel to get all the virtual high fives from so many of you.


Now, here’s what I want you to know:  my future plans career-wise are in no way set.

I have joined GTB Communications. …with great gusto.. to assist a good friend from my Miami years… who has birthed a terrific idea and company.

GTB is the brainchild of Mr. Dan Holly.  He’s the one leading our team.  I am so proud of his leap of faith to make this so. Dan wrote the news release and provided the quotes.  The firm belongs to him!   I’m all in…. totally wired to do this kind of work with him.

If any of the bloggers or reporters had bothered to contact me, then I would have been happy to make all of that clear.

Further, if any of them had asked what GTB stands for, Dan would have shared an inspiring and powerful story behind the letters.

C’est la vie.

It is full steam ahead for GTB.  In fact, we are meeting a potential client next week!

In the meantime, I continue taking chances on fields/industries that engage my skill set… developed over 30 years in communications. Of course that includes the firm.

More to the point. I am co-teaching some courses in Mass Communications at St. Augustine’s college, I am shooting commercials, auditioning for film and TV roles, singing, and networking like crazy for a full time media job.

My resume’s been dispatched all over the country… from Miami to Los Angeles.

I am continuing to blog and update my own website.

I especially love the categories: Pam’s Musings, Giving Back.. and Women on Fire.

What a ride! Life is not perfect. Far from it.  But it is improving.

I deeply appreciate your thoughts and well wishes.

Keep them coming please.  They motivate and encourage me.

Onward and Upward!