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Frightenly Rusty

   Okay folks, Saturday is the day.  That’s the day I’m joining story tellers at the Metro Cafe in Historic City Market for the SPARKcon extravaganza. On Tuesday, I found out that I am NOT ready.  Arrrgghh!!!!

I was tapped to sing a variety of smokey jazz songs.  No worries, or so I thought.

I have downloaded plenty that will fit the bill:

Peel Me A Grape

Black Coffee

The Way

The Very Thought of You

Whatever Lola Wants

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Lush Life

Love is a Losing Game


I Can’t Make You Love Me

You’ve Changed

    Listen.  I have performed these songs over and over at Prime Only.  Could a few weeks away from entertaining have done that much damage to my timing and memory?  Could that be possible.  The answer is Yes!

It happened with Black Coffee, and then Love is a Losing Game.  Then, panic set in.  I wasn’t ready for the big night!

Well Tuesday turned into a day of full out rehearsing.  My feelings of fear would in short order turned into waves of fun and joy.  The lyrics to these songs are so magical and suggestive.  I love them all! Today is Wednesday, and I can honestly say that I am confident I’ll be ready come Saturday night. Whew!

I guess it was just a matter of running through the songs again.  The words quickly came back. Thank God!

So, between now and Friday, I’ll be polishing up my act… excited that I am participating in such a unique artistic conference.

Again, you can check out the full schedule of events by going to the SPARKcon website:

To Network, Perchance to Sing

   Tonight I am stepping out.  Destination:  The 101 Lounge + Cafe  in Raleigh.  It’s located on S. Blount Street near the new Raleigh Convention.

I was invited to the 101 by Greg Moore and his partner Kevin O’Bar.  They’re a singing duo.  They are performing tonight. I don’t know them that well yet, but I expect that to change. Fast.  I can make a statement like that, because in every setting where I’ve encountered Greg, it’s been a great deal of fun.  All of the prior settings have been social.  They’ve involved celebrations of one type or another.  All good, all grand.  I am excited to see them perform tonight.

It would be nice to take some pictures of Greg and Kevin, and add them to this site.  I am “challenged” in that regard, and in this techno age, I am a bit embarrassed by this.  That being said, I will take my camera with me tonight and take some pictures.  I just can’t say when they’ll be added to the narrative.

Now Greg… sweetheart that he is..  has extended an opportunity for me to sing tonight.  How nice that would be!  If the music, mood,  and the atmosphere at the 101 feel right, then I’m going for it.  I’m going to sing my little heart out.

Any night that allows me to touch a stage is a good night.  It’s a step in the right direction when’s there’s a passion to perform.

If you’d like to find out more about the goings-on at the 101 Cafe + Lounge, here’s a link to their website:

Dereliction of Duty

   My intention for this blog is to chronicle my musical journey.  That can’t happen when I keep walking past my laptop.  A day without blogging, becomes days without blogging.  I am aware of it all, yet I make excuses not to take action.

Today I decided to overcome my “enemy” to progress, which is procrastination.

I do miss my regular gig at The Rat Pack Lounge.  I always had a ready response when people would ask me what I was planning to do for the weekend.  Now, I’m wide open.  In fact, I’ve not performed for anyone, anywhere since I packed up and left.

Here’s where the trouble is, as I see it.  I’ve become lazy and delinquent.  Not  just when it comes to blogging.. but also about rehearsing my songs and exercising my pipes.  I know these things are critical, more so, now that I’m not singing on a regular basis.

I don’t know if it’s a case of the blahs or the blues around not singing publicly, or what it is. It just IS.  I get that the power to change this direction lies only with me.  Heck, this is a start.

I like the Better than Nothing concept, and I’m going to go with that in my life for a little while.  Simply put:  it’s the concept that anything you do related to achieving your goals even if it is a tiny itty bitty step, is a step in the right direction.  Whew!

Vocal coaching is back.  I beamed when Lisa said it was time for me to move into more advanced exercises.  No doubt THAT is progress.

I am working a short work week this week, and I am going to make a pledge right now that I will use that time to do the things that push me closer to my dreams.

  No more excuses!

Just Call Me “Smoky Jazz Singer”

   Great news:  I have been given the opportunity to help brand the Triangle, “The Creative Hub of the South.”

   To say I am excited is an understatment.  I hooped and hollered inside the Metro Cafe and Lounge after my meeting with the storySPARK organizers.  I am now a part of their schedule of events for the third annual SPARKcon weekend showcase. It’s scheduled for September 19- 21.

   As I’ve blogged before SPARKs range from artSPARK, youthSPARK, ideaSPARK, to yogaSPARK.

   Back to the meeting– I burned two songs on to my i-Pod (Peel Me a Grape, and Black Coffee).  I’m glad I did. The owner of Metro Cafe, Mauro, was there.  He was able to hook my i-Pod into his sound system.  He handed me a microphone, and I took it from there.  My songs were exactly what the planners, Billy and Greg had in mind.  It was funny, though this stylist club was closed, some folks off the streets in City Market began sticking their heads in to listen!

   I am so pumped.  While I was singing Billy and Greg were planning how the night would go.   Our event is September 20th and around 10:00pm.  They’re calling it StorySPARK After Dark.  Artists will hang their work on the walls, Writers and Poets will share their work with the audience.  I will be singing my songs between the readings.

   The Metro Cafe and Lounge is a really neat night club  in historic City Market. It’s the perfect venue for an intimate evening of entertainment.

   This will be a fantastic event. I am sure of it!

   As a performer, I have never done anything quite like this.  I get to stretch and grow in a new direction, thankful for the chance to be a part of Raleigh’s creative surge.

   Visit their website to learn more:

    You  can also see pictures of last year’s SPARKcon by going to this site: