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Pam Performing - Full Blown Expression!


I really like what French writer Victor Hugo said about dreams. Hugo, simply put, said there is nothing like a dream to create the future.
Right on!

I’ve been in broadcast journalism for more than 30 years, and so I know how the Media works to keep people passive and open to receiving whatever message they want communicated. Most of it is around creating a constant desire to “consume.”
And the key is committing to self-education so there is some kind of balance in your life, between the real reality and the one that’s invented.
My passion is helping others see their greatness.   I use my voice, through public speaking, singing, and writing to promote higher levels of thinking and awareness.

I am committed to taking action against the barriers perfectly positioned in our homes and communities to distract us all from the real power we possess to start controlling our own destinies.

I am convinced that I have a powerful gift to share with the world. My intention is to stir others with songs that move, touch and inspire.



" I’m making my world, smaller and smaller so that I can do Bigger things for myself and the community." Pam Saulsby